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The beauty of natural stone comes from the earth itself. It is a sense of energy and power that flows through the material, calling to mind thoughts of the distant towering mountain range that the stone was first drawn from. Now you can have the ebauty of this natural wonder customized, allowing you to create a set of beverage coasters which is a union of natural art, and your own creative talents.

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The stone used in our engraved beverage coasters is called Mountain Black, a South American material that features swirling clouds of midnight hue crashing lazily into one another across the surface of each piece.

The stone itself is flat but slightly textured, allowing you to easily rest a glass upon its even surface, while also having enough traction that the same glass wont go flying at the barest flick of your fingers.

The engraving is accomplished through the use of computer controlled, highly precise lasers, that burn an intricately perfect image directly into the surafce of the stone material. The result is an image which is so slight it can barely be felt by the touch of your fingers, but which is so dramatic that it will last for ages.

Natural stone is an eternal material, and purchasing coasters crafted from stone and then engarved with your image allows you to make a keapsake that will last and be treasured for years to come.

Our beverage coasters are four inches square by three eights of an inch in height. The minimum order is twenty pieces, with quantity orders getting heavy discounts. We can also do some custom sizes upon request.

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Please include the quantity you are interested in purchasing, the date when you need the coasters, and if possible the image you are looking to have engraved on the coasters.

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