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The coasters found below have been printed with a variety of delightful images, using a new technology that allows us to print directly onto the sandstone, without clogging the pores that give these coasters their absorbent abilities.

Green Marbleized Stone Coasters

faux marble sandstone coasters

Highly Absorbent Stone

The surface of these absorbent sandstone coasters, is hidden beneath an illusion. A graphic has been imprinted onto the surface of the stone, a vision of a piece of green multicolored marble. The purpose of this is to combine the elegant beauty of marble materials, with the highly functional absorbency of American, mountain born sandstone, to create the ultimate set of home accessories.

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Architectural Column Coasters

sandstone drink coasters

Highly Absorbent Stone

Carved into the surface of a towering slab of solid rock, is an intricate display of patterns and designs, intricately worked, delicately chisselled, the loving work of inspiration and creativity, melded with the natural beauty of the earth itself. this work is then captured in graphic form, and imnprinted onto the surface of these attractive and functional sandstone discs, the union making for an exquisite combination of art and nature.

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Tree Frog Drink Coasters

tree frog sandstone drink coasters

American Sandstone - 4" Diameter

A delightful tree frog rests easily upon a leaf. Yet his bright orange eyes are alert, scanning the forrest, peering into the depths for any sign of an insect lunch. Then, when ready, he pounces, his long frog legs lifting him into the air, his wide sticky tongue connecting with his meal and swinging it back to his greedy mouth. A beautiful vision of a cute little forrest frog, available on your set of sandstone coasters.

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Cats Cats Cats Drink Coasters

cat drink coasters

American Sandstone - 4" Diameter

Cats, everywhere, staring out at you, watching you. Cats, a whole caucophony of them, contrary, feline, ready to pounce, but content to nap. Cats, a mischievous gleam tinting their eyes, as they watch you, stalk you, or simply sit dissinterested in anything that you do. These coasters are the perfect accessory for any lover of feline ways, and would make a great gift for the crazy cat lady in your life.

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Sea Shells Stone Drink Coasters

sea shell sandstone coasters

American Sandstone - 4" Diameter

Faded visions of wind swept sand. A pleasant beach scene, played out across the surface of these sandstone coasters. The image is enhanced by the fact that they are printed on sandstone, a material that has the consistency of a sandy beach. This serves to bring the picture into the third dimension, giving it not only visual appeal, but also a textural feel that matches the theme.

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Old World Passages Coasters

old drink coaster

An ancient relief of a world map, stretched out in intricate detail, bordered with exquisite images of monsters and explorers. An invitation to adventure, drawing you in to strange worlds and undiscovered lands, enticing you to get up and sail off into the horizon. Formal yet exciting, dignified, yet adventurous, these coasters are the perfect accessory for anyone who is a fan of the age of exploration, or who merely likes making a classical statement in their home.

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Old World Palm Drink Coasters

old palm beverage coas

Faded visions, misting in a sea of uncertainty. A palm rises in the dessert, its leafy boughs straining under the relentless heat of the mid day sun. Below, a small spot of shade stretches out, feint relief from the parched and arrid atmosphere. In the distance you cans ee the faded mist of a doorway, intricately carved. It stands ajar, awaiting entrance or exit. The layered bricks which make up its wall are almost invisible, enticing you, darwing you into its mystery.

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Spiral Sun Stone Drink Coasters

round coasters

Primitive images of ancient humans stand out against a color soaked background. The star, a sun blazing forth with its many trailing arms. At its core is a swirl, a vortex, slipping ever into itself, drawing the heat in and and cyphoning it downward. Beyond this, you can see lines and squares, geometric patterns written in hue, faded images of form and beauty, all played out symbolically, enticing, calling to you from the dimmly remembered past of our ancient lives.

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Potted Palm Drink Coasters

greek drink coasters

The potted plant stands simple, unadorned, a plain clay pot holding its core, while leafy boughs reach up to seek the water and light of life. A basic vision of domestic bliss, played out in an eternal stone medallion. Surrounding this is a patterned ring, acting as a frame, but even that is surrounded, bordered by the gentle beauty of the natural stone, which is the canvas and the frame for the entire piece.

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Fleur De Lis Stone Drink Coasters

fleur de lis coaster

A fluer de lis, a powerful symbol of ancient chivalry. A mark of honor and courage, worn proudly by knights as they march into battle. This crest was adopted by many royal families over the years, and throughout history various noble blood lines have claimed its symbolic power as their own. In france it became almost a national symbol, representing the strength and dignity of her people. However worldwide it is known as the mark of courage, a sign of the quality of the one who wears it.

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Beauty of the Earth Coasters

beautiful drink coasters

A stunning vision of an artists interpretation of the inner core of the earth. Drawn out in graphic form, and then printed onto an actual piece of stone, to create an effect which is multi dimensional. You can reach out and feel the stone, trace your fingers over its slightly graded texture, or merely sit back, and let your eyes slip along the intricate lines and curves that make up the crystalline vision set into this sandstone beverage coaster.

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Stone Relic Drink Coasters

round coas

Here we see but a single corner of a carved stone relief. Just the barest hint of what might lie just beyond the vision of the coasters field. Is it a great castle, or an ancient map, or perhaps a series of clues. Nobody can tell. All you can do is use your imagination to fill in the gaps and look beyond your eyes to see the picture in its entirety.

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Amber Glow Drink Coasters

amber sandstone drink coasters

An intricate array of explosions rips across the surface of the sandstone coaster, creating bubbling visions of amber hue and light, which pile one upon the other, until the surface is awash with fiery portents. Peaks billow outward, and then fade back to charcoal gray, giving the entire coaster a luminous look which almost seems to glow, despite the fact that all of this is trapped within the surface of the unchanging stone.

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