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Celebrate the joy of love at your wedding and share that feeling with your guests, by creating a favor that is etched directly into mountain stone, permanently marked in rock and set to remind everyone of your unyielding love for an eternity. The perfect timeless gift to commemorate a love that will last the ages.

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The symbolic nature of natural stone is as an eternal material. The mountains are ageless, rocks last forever, and stone is the stuff of immortality. That is why having a custom image and message of love engraved into natural stone is such a powerful way to say that you two will be together forever.

These are also highly functional favors that can be given out, as the coasters are made from absorbent slate, and thus will soak up the moisture from condensation and small spills, helping to keep your guests tables and surface free of damage.

The natural stone we use is a South American slate which is precision engraved using meticulous laser machinery which can reproduce just about any image or message that you want. The engraving is so shallow that you will barely be able to feel it with you hands, and yet it is completely permanent and will remain a feature of that stone coaster forever.

These coasters come standard in 4"X4" square although larger and smaller sizes as well as some shapes can be custom ordered. The minimum order quantity is twenty pieces with no setup fee.

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Please include the quantity you are interested in purchasing, the date when you need the coasters, and if possible the image you are looking to have engraved on the coasters.

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