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Our beverage coasters create a warm and enviting feeling in a setting. Fitting easily into any decor, these coasters are marked by soft, subtle colors, which emerge from just beneath the surface of the stone. Bring the rustic beauty of nature into your setting, with our line of natural stone beverage coasters.

Unique Beverage Coasters

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Our collection of unqiue beverage coasters is made up entirely of pieces that are one of a kind. these are not just one ofa kidn designs, they are literally unique to the world, with each and every piece having a portion of a naturally occuring work of art right in the surface of the stone. Own a piece of the world that nobody else can ever duplicate.

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Sandstone Beverage Coasters


Sandstone beverage coasters are particularly prized due to the fact that they have the natural ability to absorb the moisture froma sweaty glass. this is because they have minute pores in their surface, which soaks the moisture in, holding it within the stone until it is able to evaporate into the air. What is left behind is nothing... no mess... no spill... no water rings at all.

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Beverage Coaster Gifts

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Beverage coasters make wonderful gifts. Small yet thoughtful, innocuous yet personal, they are an easy way to show that you care about someone, without having to pry out the depths of their subconscious mind. Coasters are always useful, and are happy little pieces, that can be placed anywhere throughout the home. Best of all whenever they use one to protect their posessions from water damage, they will think of you.

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Marble Beverage Coasters

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Marble is an elegant and classic material that has been used by artists and designers for centuries. It has adorned the halls of kings, and has been the inspiration for great works of art. Now this beautiful multi- faceted material is available in your home, ina variety of colors and multicolors, in the form of these attractive beverage coaster sets.

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Picture Beverage Coasters


These beverage coasters are made from highly absorbent natural sandstone, which has been treated with a cutting edge process, which allows them to be printed on with a variety of vivid and extraordinaire images. However its not the fact that they are printed on which is innovative, it is the fact that this ink does not clog up the pores of the stone, meaning that even though they are adorned with attractive images, the coasters themselves are still highly functional, absorbent, and ready to be used.

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Natural Beverage Coasters

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The coasters found in this collection are all entirely natural, and all of the colors and patterns that you see in their surface were formed naturally, over millions of years, buried deep below the earth. No human hand has added or taken away any of the colors found in these pieces, if anything they have only been enhanced slightly in order to preserve the integrity of the stone. Another great thing to mention is that since thes ewere formed by nature, each and every single, individual piece is one of a kind, with no exact duplicate anywhere else in the world.

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