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Below you will find the different collections of stone drink coasters that are available in our catalog. There are a wide variety of options available, from sandstone pieces, to high end decorative agate coasters. Whichever coaster you choose, it will have the beauty, power, and magnificence of whatever mountain range that it was quarried from.

Absorbent Drink Coasters

panther drink coasters

Absorbent stone drink coasters have the miraculous natural ability to soak up the moisture from a wet glass and hold it within the tiny, microscopic pores in its surface. The water is held there, safe from damaging any of your furnishings, until it evaporates into the air and dissapears forever. An amazing functional piece of protective home decor.

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Gemstone Drink Coasters

gemstone coasters

Gemstone drink coasters are the height of sophisticated elegance. Crafted from natural pieces of semi precious, jewelry grade agate gemstone, these coasters feature a sleek polished surface which contains a variety of swirling and contrasting colors, making each and every piece a one of a kind expression of the earths natural beauty. Many people claim that agate coasters have special metaphysical properties, and depending on the color, they can help to evoke various spiritual energies.

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Marble Drink Coasters

drink coasters

Marble is a classically elegant stone that has graced works of art and architecture throughout thousands of years of human civilization. Now the multicolored beauty of this polished material is available as a set of elegant drink coasters for your home. Multiple colors of multicolored onyx and marble to select from.

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Natural Drink Coasters

drink coasters

Sometimes you just want to get away from the straight line precision of the modern technological world, and return to a simpler, more primal state. The raw, natural surface of these unique stone beverage coasters is one way to bring the primitive power of a towering mountain range right into your home. Best of all, the unique features which occur naturally in the surface of each coaster, amkes every one a one of a kind work of natural art.

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Picture Drink Coasters

cinnabar coasters

Picture coasters have all of the useful strength and absorbent properties of standard natural sandstone coasters, but they can be decorated with any of a countless number of images, pictures, saying, patterns and designs, giving you an unlimited wealth of choices for purchasing your next set of coasters.

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Sandstone Drink Coasters

cinnabar coasters

Sandstone is one of the most absorbent natural stone materials available anywhere. The pores in the surface of this sand like stone soak the moisture right off of the bottom of a glass, and holds it deep within the belly of the stone. There it waits, while the air slowly, gently carries the water away in the natural evaporation process. Some of the most functional and beautiful beverage coasters available anywhere in the world.

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Round Drink Coasters

cinnabar coasters

Drink coasters can come in all shapes and sizes. Round drink coasters are for people who don't like hard lines and straight edges. Round coasters are for people who believe in the circle of life, the continuation of all things across the universe, and for those who like mathematical equations involving the variable of pie.

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Square Drink Coasters

drink coasters

Square drink coasters are the most simple, straight forward designs available. Four evenly matched lines, sharply and smoothly cut, to create a coaster which is strong, powerful even, with an edge of simplistic sophistication that makes them an important piece of any rooms decorative startegy. Also available in larger sizes as trivets.

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Drink Coaster Decorating Guide

The use of drink coasters in ones decorative scheme is an indication of refinement, and attention to the finer details of a space. It demonstrates a certain pride in your possessions, and shows the care you take in preserving their appearance. Their very presence serves to cast the resident in a more sophisticated light.


While their proximity alone does create a certain impression, the true ambience they generate will be more closely related to the way the particularly chosen coasters flow with the other elements in the room. In this way style, color, and design will give meaning to the idea formed by the presence of the coasters within the space.

When choosing drink coasters it is important to select sets which match the room they are going to be placed within. In this way you can coordinate even the subtlest details of a setting, and create a fully rounded impression of your own style on any visitor which enters the space.


Drink Coaster Color


If you select coasters which have bold colors in them, such as reds, pinks, oranges, or colors which are very bright, they are going to be much more visible within a space. Coasters such as these are going to clash with the color arrangements in certain rooms.  However if the colors within a space can balance and incorporate the coasters, then the set can be a very attractive, eye catching decorative accessory.

Subdued colors are the best choice for coasters which will be used in multiple rooms. Many times drink coasters are used in the kitchen, living room, den, dining room, and even in bedrooms. Unless these rooms are coordinated to the look of your drink coasters, there are going to be some places where brighter colors clash. This is why more subdued colored coasters have a lot more decorative flexibility.

Drink Coaster Style

The shape and material of your drink coasters are going to become part of the decorative whole of any space into which they are placed. Whether they are severe, or warm, garish, or unobtrusive, they will have to coordinate with the decorative scheme of the space. By selecting materials and designs which are complimentary to your surroundings, you will give the setting a complete feeling that will add another level to the complexity of the design you are developing.




Even though drink coasters are not the most important items in a room, they do serve an important decorative function. Not only do they imply something about the detail oriented nature of the occupant, but they also give the ambience of the space a certain complexity, adding depth to the design and appearance of the space.

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