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The corporate image is one of power, precision, and strength. These qualities are embodied in the natural slate, custom engraved executive coasters seen here. Each piece is a real mountain born material, sliced with precision lasers to create a finished product which will stand out as a dominant and forceful piece in any environment.

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The natural slate used to create these custom beverage coasters was formed over millions of the years. Buried deep beneath the earth it formed slowly, shifting and merging the various elements within while in the world beyond empires rose and fell.

Finally after countless ages the earth was shattered by the hand of man and this stone first look out upon the light of day. And now, processed and refined, cut and treated and perfected, these natural stone coasters still retain the inherent power of the massive mountains it was taken from.

This energy can now be harnessed, imprinted with the logo of your corporate identity and then used to create an ambiance of strength within your corporate board room, while the absorbent property of the stone will ensure that scratches and water rings never grace the surface of your conference tables.

These natural stone coasters come standard in four inch by four inch squares although custom sizes are available upon request. The minimum order is twenty pieces, although paid samples can be made available.

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