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There are a lot of reasons why you might be interested in personalized drink coasters. Maybe you have a wedding, a party, or a special event that you want to commemorate with a gift that is both beautiful and practical. Maybe you are trying to promote a business and you want something that will make people sit up and take notice. Or maybe you have an important client and you just want to send them a thank you when the holidays roll around. Our custom engraved slate coasters are the perfect solution for any of these situations.

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Our custom engraved coasters are crafted from the highest quality natural slate, which is quarried from deep beneath the earth in a South American mountain range. The image is printed onto the surface using computer precise laser engraving equipment, which burns away the upper surface of the stone causing it to change from shifting black to strong and solid white.

Our custom engraved coasters are superior because they are made from real, natural stone, which is eco freindly and completely green, and recyclable. What is more earth friendly than rocks?

We also have the ability to print almost any image or slogan that you want on the surface of the stone. Our computer controlled laser technology is exquisitely precise, and can handle orders of any size.

The standard personalized coasters that we offer are four inches by four inches square although we can do custom sizes wupon request. Our minimum order is twenty pieces with no setup fee or graphics charge.

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Please include the quantity you are interested in purchasing, the date when you need the coasters, and if possible the image you are looking to have engraved on the coasters.

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