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Slate is a particularly powerful material, because it retains a lot of the inherent strength of the mountains from which it was quarried. the colors in these materials are more erratic, more violently contrasted, and the texture while guaged smooth, still bears the visual heritage of its clefted origins.

Copper Stone Drink Coasters

copper stone drink coasters

Beneath the honed surface of these powerful slate coasters, you will be treated to a powerful vision of complex coloration. Patterns of varrying tones wash upon one another like waves at the shore, creating a melting pot of tones whose final image is one of unique and moving beauty.

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Earth Stone Drink Coasters

earth coasters

Soft waves of contrast wash across the surface of these attractive slate beverage coasters. Creating unique patterns of light and dark, brown and subtle red, the surface of these pieces is a complex and wonderful portrait set forever into natural stone, and crafted by the earth itself.

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Gold Blush Stone Drink Coasters

gold blush slate coasters

Rich warm tones fill the surface of these attractive drink coasters. Soft green grey hues are met with hints of golden light, which alight like a hazy crown upon the head of the stone. Rustic, and rugged, yet indefinably sophisticated, these pieces will lend an air of power and magnificence to any space in which they are used.

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Mountain Black Drink Coasters

mountain black

Shadows of black fall upon one another in contrasting tones of charcoal and midnight. Powerful, rustic, yet refined, these coasters add an imperceptible strength to any environment in which they are placed.

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Multi Africa Drink Coasters

african drink coasters

The multi africa stone coasters are some of our most unique pieces. The surface of this natural slate is a contrasted array of midnight black and golden burst tones. The immense opposition of these two colors creates a dramatic tension in the afce of these coasters which gives the entire piece a kind of fascination, as well as a truly distinct energy. The fact that this effect is natural, and is unqiue in each and every piece adds another whole dimension to the beauty and depth of this stone.

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Multi China Stone Drink Coasters

china stone coasters

Multi China is a subdued grey brown stone, that occasionally has bursts of red and gold, which explode in a chaotic symphony across the surface of the piece. The fact that each coasters is different, means that a set of several pieces gives you a wide variety of options for effecting the decorative nature of a space.

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Red Earth Drink Coasters

red earth drink coasters

Fierce crimson tones are subdued by a brick red backdrop, creating a coaster surface which is a soft melange of red and gray tones. The effect is a very rustic, rugged appeal, that would fit in well in any cabin or country rustic setting.

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