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The sandstone coasters listed below have all been imprinted with a lovely image, that brightens and enhances the surface of the stone, without affecting the ability of the material to absorb moisture from a glass.

Green Marbleized Stone Coasters

faux marble sandstone coasters

Highly Absorbent Stone

Natural marble is one of the most beautiful materials in the entire world. However its surface is polished smooth, and unchanging, and it does not have any absorbency. Here we see the beauty of a marble coaster, captured fiorever in a vivid image, and then printed onto the surface of a sandstone coasters. Sandstone is highly absorbent, meaning that in this set, you can have your cake, the beauty of marble, and eat it too, the absorbency of sandstone.

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Architectural Column Coasters

sandstone drink coasters

Highly Absorbent Stone

A powerful image of intricately carved natural stone, worked with exquisite detail by the inspirational hands of some unknown artist. This work, a union of nature and human imagination, is then captured in a graphical image, and reprinted onto another piece of absorbent natural sandstone. This gives the coaster a vivid sense of depth and reality that is far greater than merely viewing the image on canvas or photo.

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Tree Frog Drink Coasters

tree frog sandstone drink coasters

American Sandstone - 4" Diameter

Made entirely in the United States, from US based materials, this delightful coaster featuring a picture of a cute little tree frog is a brilliant piece of functional decor, which will be sure to get your friends and guests talking whenever they enter your home.

Naturally absorbent and equipped with cork bottoms to protect your furnishings.

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Cats Cats Cats Drink Coasters

cat drink coasters

American Sandstone - 4" Diameter

The surface of this beautiful and functional sandstone piece, is arrayed with a wide assortment of staring cat eye faces, all looking at you with that familiar, demanding cat expression. The perfect gift or piece of home decor for any lover of felines, these coasters are sure to amuse and delight anyone who sees them.

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Sea Shells Stone Drink Coasters

sea shell sandstone coasters

American Sandstone - 4" Diameter

The soft sandy texture of sandstone makes it a natural choice for beach or water themed decorative schemes. even if you aren't on a beach decorating kick, these unassuming coasters can still be a useful reminder of sunnier days, lounging by the water, enjoying the sun, the sand, and the fun of the natural world all around us.

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Old World Passages Coasters

classic drink coasters

The print depicted on this set of beverage coasters is of an old world map, circa the age of exploration. The faded brown and tan relief evokes a sense of classic history, while the barely restrained excitement of adventure is rich in the surface of these coasters. The mix is a perfect compliment to the solid stone exterior that is the canvas for this attractive set.

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Old World Palm Drink Coasters

palm coasters

The image imprinted on the surface of these coasters is evocative, implying visions of ancient palaces, great civilizations fallen to the ravages of time. And there, alone, stands a single palm in the dessert, its towering leaves providing a scant shadow from the oppressive heat. The perfect image compliment to the soft sandstone surface of these lovely coasters.

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Spiral Sun Stone Drink Coasters


Simple, primitive images, the most basic geometric echoes of our minds eye, struck in powerful lashing bursts, embedding the artists spirit into the ink, and then uniting image and stone, to create a dual piece, in which the gently clefted surface of the stone enhances simple shadows of the image. The result, a powerful, simple, subtle piece, a coaster set that will evoke the deepest memories of your primitive past.

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Potted Palm Drink Coasters

potted plant coasters

This coaster is emblazoned with a simple image, a rustic potted plant, done in faded relief, as if it were etched onto a papyrus scroll three centuries past. This antique image is married to the surface of natural mountain born sandstone upon which it rests, and in a way, is enhanced by the ancient presence of the stone itself.

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Fleur De Lis Stone Drink Coasters

fleur de lis coaster

The fleur de lis is an ancient symbol, a stylized rendition of a flower, that has meant various things to various cultures, but has been used since the earliest days of human civilization. It is often associated with France, or French Regions in countries around the world, however it actually has ties to many different civilizations. While it was very popular in medieval Europe, there are also copies of it found in cultural remains from ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Japan.

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Beauty of the Earth Coasters

beautiful drink coasters

This is an ironic set of coasters. The untamed and wild nature of natural stone, has actually been captured in a perfectly formed artists rendition. This re-creation has then been digitized, and imprinted on the surface of an actual piece of sandstone. The combined effect is a union of natural beauty, and human art, with each reflecting their vision of the other.

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Stone Relic Drink Coasters

drink coaster stone

The surface of these classic coasters is a snapshot, a single round vision into an ancient world. Within this picture we have clues, elusive whispers that draw us ever forward, symbols, stone relief's, marking that indicate age, and weathering, but the answers are just out of reach. Bring the mystery into your home with these powerful, potent, and impressive decorating accessories.

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Amber Glow Drink Coasters

amber sandstone drink coasters

A million intricate points of light erupt along a thousand lines of contrasting heat and color, to form an amber vision, which sparkles as if it holds the light, and then fades, the illumination lost in the smoky dark of night, only to be reborn again and again in an eternal spectacle of light on dark contrasting explosions. All of this united with natural mountain born stone.

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