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These comprise some of our most interesting and decorative pieces. The beauty and color in these drink coasters makes them works of natural art which you can use to add sophisticated elegance to a rooms decor. Manufactured using only the most unique and stylish materials they are sure to become favorite pieces in your home or anywhere you put them.

Onyx Marble Drink Coasters

onyx coasters

Onyx is a beautiful natural material that has graced some of the most lovely works of art and jewelry throughout human history. Now, the multicolored elegance of this sophisticated and classic material is available in a tasteful set of six drink coasters, matched with a stunning onyx stone holder. All stone is polished smooth to enhance the colors and reveal the perfection within the onyx.

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Fossil Marble Drink Coasters

fossil coasters

Within the surface of each and every fossil stone drink coaster can be found the imprinted remains of plants, and animals who lived on this earth millions of years ago. These prints are made by nature and are not added to by human creativity in any way. They also appear in unique and one of a kind patterns on each and every drink coaster in the set, making them all one of a kind.

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Teak Marble Drink Coasters

teak coasters

Teak is a subtle, subdued stone, with soft tan hues moving lazily across the surface of each piece. That is of course until a brilliant streak of contrast comes ripping through that undisturbed neutral, to create brilliant patterns of color across the face of each piece.

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Cloud Marble Drink Coasters

cloud coasters

Cloud marble is a gentle, elegant, refined stone, that doesn't bother itself with overt displays of flash or glitz. Instead the surface of this stone is a complex arrangement of intricately mixed white and gray hues, that resembles a pageant of lazily floating clouds, unhurriedly passing across the surface of the stone.

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Red Lightning Drink Coasters

red lightning coasters

Red lightning coasters are the rebels amongst the marble drink coaster collection. Unlike other pieces which are more subdued, with gentle, friendly colors, the red lightning is a maddening array of deep crimson tones, broken by fierce hazy strips of bright white lightning which zips across the surface of each coaster in totally unique ways.

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