Highly Absorbent Sandstone Beverage Coasters, Made From American Materials, and Printed With Delightful Cat Faces

As any cat lover knows, there is nothing as delightful as seeing that fuzzy little face, peaking out at you, those lovely feline eyes staring, the gently sloping ears twitching in time to some unknown tune.

Well, if one cat face is cute, what about a dozen? Overwhelm your favorite feline fan with this delightful set of coasters featuring the faces of a wide assortment of mysterious, beautiful, enchanting kitty cat faces you can imagine.

What is even better is that this delightful piece of cat decor is actually a highly functional safety device, designed to protect your possessions from moisture and scratches. The material they are made from is highly absorbent sandstone which can soak up the liquid from a sweaty glass, holding it within its pores, until it can evaporate away.

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$19.95 For a Set of Four (4)

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