Intricate Glass Mosaics
Naturally Absorbent Sandstone
Innovative Channeling Design
Slip Resistant Surface

The beauty found in the surface of these exquisite glass mosaic chips is a radiant mixture of diverse colors, flowing and shifting and melding in supersonic shifts of streaking light and color, all captured beneath the smooth perfection of its facade. However glass is usually a bad material to make a set of coasters out of, because it is slippery, and it doesn't absorb. However in this set you will find that the canals which run between the pieces not only provide traction for your beverage, they also allow liquid drips and drops to slip down between the cracks, alighting on the sandstone surface of the stone below, and being absorbed into its mountainous belly, where it will wait, harmlessly, until it can evaporate back out into the air.

24.95 For a Set of Four (4)

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