Natural Indian Sandstone
Highly Absorbent Stone
Real Million Year Old Fossils Right in the Surface of the Piece

Beneath the unchanging stone face of these natural sandstone beverage coasters, you can find an incredible piece of the earth geological history. Painted by nature against the gentle backdrop of a dessert landscape, you will see bright contrasting patterns of color. These are the real, dendritic, fossilized imprints of creatures that lived on the earth millions of years ago. Each coaster is different, with its own unique snapshot of the ancient world. Some contain vivid plant images, others have tiny shells, or microorganisms, all ready for you and your guests to marvel over.

Even better, these coasters, with their unqiue natural features, are also naturtally absorbent, and can soak up the moisture from a sweaty glass, leaving your tables and other surfaces completely dry.
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$19.95 For a Set of Four (4)
$24.95 For a Set of Six (6)
$29.95 For a Set of Eight (8)

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